Benefits of living in a small town

Benefits of living in a small town

Imagine living and working all your life in a huge city where there is a large population, the constant noise and smell of cars, polluted air, eternal crowds, and bustle; and you decide to turn your life and escape to a smaller environment, a smaller town that is not overpopulated, and where you, instead of car noise and perpetual asphalt, there is peace and quiet, lots of green spaces and parks where you can enjoy playing with your children or pets, clean and fresh air, no more crowds, no car hum, no stress…

These are just some basic benefits of living in a small town!

If you decide to take such a step, your life will change greatly, but it will also require some adjustment to the new environment and the surrounding people. One of the benefits is meeting new people easily and making friends for a whole life!

Most of the people in a small town are very kind and will accept you easily and quickly, so make sure you treat your new neighbors with respect, as you will probably spend most of your time together; people in smaller communities also get together more often, do joint trips, picnics, walks, or simply have coffee in your or their home. If you have children, this will be ideal for their socialization, so they are more likely to spend more free time outdoors than in front of a TV screen or cellphone.

Low crime rate brings less worry

Another advantage is the low crime rate, which is more logical, considering the population is much smaller than in larger cities and cities, where there is also a greater level of stress and unemployment. If the crime rate is very low, the possibility of consuming drugs or alcohol is also low.

Strong community

People in smaller communities have healthier and stronger relationships with their community, and will more often help one another if they see a need for it, and this is also a healthier and safer environment for the development and raising your children, who are less likely to end up in a bad company. Also, people generally live much healthier and better; the air is clean, full of greenery and nature, which is ideal for practicing any sport, regular exercise, or just walking and biking.

Most people have their own gardens so they grow their own food, fruits, vegetables that are healthy and untreated with pesticides. Schools are generally smaller, with a smaller population of children, which is good, because teachers and children can get to know each other better and build a good relationship, and get faster and easier to connect with.